It was a hundred years ago, in 1916, that Carlo Magnani, a man of great refinement and elegance, heir of one of Parma’s aristocratic families, created an unusually fresh and modern fragrance as an expression of his own lifestyle.

Colonia Acqua di Parma was the first real Italian Cologne, a new classic fragrance destined for timeless success. It was the start of a journey that was to earn the brand worldwide recognition, born of loyalty to its roots and consistency with its own DNA.
This is why celebrating Parma today is the most natural way to exalt the elegance, beauty, harmony, mastery of craftsmanship and authentic style of Italy, values which the brand first experienced in this city which is quintessentially Italian in its nobility and culture, and which it made its own right from its very beginnings.
The city’s most charming and historic locations will be the setting for the Centenary celebrations.

The wonderful Palazzo della Pilotta, where Acqua di Parma, confirming its status as the symbol of the most sophisticated and sought-after made in Italy quality, is offering a fascinating visit through its workshops, the expression of pure handmade Italian products.

In the elegant setting of the Palazzo, Acqua di Parma will also be displaying the book Essere Parma, published in a joint edition with Mondadori Electa. The brand’s prestigious publishing initiative consists of two publications.
A book of photographs taken by internationally renowned photographer Giovanni Gastel, which create interesting parallels between Parma’s past and present. A novel penned specifically for this occasion by the well-known author Antonella Boralevi, set against the stupendous architecture and atmosphere of Parma. The wonderful images and evocative passages found in Essere Parma will also be displayed in an open-air exhibition to be held throughout June under the vaults of the Palazzo del Comune, in the attractive Portici del Grano.

Parma is also the city of music, dance, theatre and opera and Acqua di Parma will be joining two of the most prestigious theatres in the world for its celebrations. At the Teatro Regio, the Italian brand will be sponsoring the renowned principal dancer Roberto Bolle on 26 and 27 May, in the ‘Roberto Bolle and Friends’ performance.
In the Teatro Farnese, Acqua di Parma will be treating a select audience to a performance by Italian actor Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, an artist who has performed on all the world’s most important stages, with the accompaniment of the operatic music by the tenor Tiziano Barontini.

Promoting the city of Parma’s heritage and enhancing its great cultural vitality newly demonstrates the support which Acqua di Parma is devoting to Italian art and culture in its highest and most valuable expression.

The programme of initiatives promoted by Acqua di Parma in support of Made in Italy has received the patronage of the Municipality of Parma and of two important Italian cultural organisations, the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities (MIBACT) and the National Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE).

“In the year of Acqua di Parma’s Centenary, we are very proud to be celebrating our anniversary with a project that is far-reaching and has a strong cultural significance. To celebrate such an important date, it was entirely natural to collaborate with Parma’s institutions and celebrate the city where the brand originated. Creating an important occasion for showcasing Parma’s architectural marvels to the world – its theatres, its music, its celebrities, its history and its living tradition of craftsmanship – means celebrating the values of beauty, art and culture which the brand has always nurtured. Values for which the brand is a global ambassador and which it has been sharing with the city of Parma for a hundred years,” says Gabriella Scarpa, Acqua di Parma’s president.